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A PERFORMER, dressed in a suit, stands in front of a huge silk screen depicting a CONCRETE FACTORY. He stops for five seconds and stares at it – without distance. Then he walks along a white line – like a soldier – ending up in front of a narrow window in the wall, where he stops over again. Beautiful blue light comes through – behind the wall is a real SWIMMING POOL. Inside a woman is swimming in endless circles. She is NUDE. The performer cannot see her head, which is above the surface of the water – only her body can be seen – she is nothing but a mere, untouchable object. After this ''encounter'' he walks on, always along the white line. Located in the middle of the room, which the performer cruises permanently is the BLACK MONOLITH. Here the performer never enters. Only the visitor of the gallery can. Inside the light is very diminished – you can hardly see what you are facing. If you look carefully and touch, you realize that it is HUMAN HAIR – the hair of thousands of Japanese pressed into cubes. The black monolith contains the bodily – the physical – which is frightening – in a world that is getting more and more dematerialized due to contemporary communication. The show was an attempt to build virtual reality by means of reality.


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