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Keynote is a video on the cult of the digital, on the promises of salvation through technology and on mass manipulation. The original footage for Keynote - both image and sound - is the (instable) videostream of an Apple inc. public relations event. In many parts the show reminded of intense political propaganda - haunting gestures, repetition of phrases, oversimplyfied facts: brainwash. The footage has been reworked by the Fordbrothers provoking compression errors during the video stream that let the image-sequences collapse within themselfs, uncovering the digital wonderland in the very moment it was promised as an instable illusion built on pixels. The result of this manipulation is an abstract, almost spooky appearence of the events (and IT-worlds) protagonists – Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, Head of Microsoft Apple Business Unit Roz Ho – in the structural re-arrangement by the Fordbrothers. The message still comes across this way, but it becomes general and is not longer linked to the computer-sales-event. It's being transformed to an analysis of physical and oral propaganda/manipulation/marketing vocabulary. The Fordbrothers attempt is to 'uncover' in an ironic way what is hidden behind the events perfect dramaturgy and choreography.


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