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Dancer in the morning: Klaudia Ahrer

At a cruel place, one woman moves; determined with pain, fears and depression but also with hope for a way out. The dancer is standing for the painful feeling of women in concentration camps, but also for physic and psychic discrimination of women in general. Actually this place is more imaginary and not bound to the real place as it could be any place where women suffer from cruelty and hopelessness, so it could be any woman who suffers from violence. The sense of feeling and moving is transferred into a contemplative video, where the camera also adopts the powerful eye of the observer, the voyeur, but in opposite also the eye of a person deprived of the power to aid. As a dance video it has been created by a silent improvised performance without spectators, where experiment and unrepeatable time have been captured.


Kategorien: Film und Video


AT : Österreich








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