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Karl-Heinz Klopf & Sigrid Kurz

The own studio appears as a spatial skeleton, as a fragile passage lived up with clips of received e-mail messages about locating oneself and about conditions in cities.
(Karl-Heinz Klopf / Sigrid Kurz)

The countdown runs. The camera moves through various levels of an architectural framework, simulations of walls and hallways emerge, a structure made up of black lines on a white background. Fragile and temporarily sketched, in order to be exchanged in a matter of moments with another perspective, but still marking the lines of clear co-ordinates which outline three-dimensional spaces. The movement of the camera does not describe a homogenous cube, the image of the place remains in the perception; it fragments and removes itself again and again from the placement of the unit. With each new additional level, which is signaled through the superimposed time-code, the camera work becomes more complex in regard to perspectives and offers, like a video game opens new options and possibilities. The starting point, a horizontal ground plan, is transformed into a multiple space plan. From time to time excerpts from e-mail messages, which are written across the architectural framework, appear. The messages whose authors remain anonymous, tell, in different ways, about cities and are at the same time communicable tracks of respective (work)paths, of (self)positioning and of (network)exchanges. 00:00:00, the countdown of the video runs out, the lines of the room disappear, then the last message appears, outside of a visualized time and place: Due to a computer crash I lost your cities list. Can you send it again?

(Rike Frank in Camera Austria 73/2001: excerpt, Quelle:

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