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With the beginning 16th Century the so-called Grand Tour marks a routing of the young, wealthy upper-class English who access significant sites on the European continent. This route, passing France, the Swiss Alps and finally Italy, is intended for the young travelers to discover picturesque sceneries and landscape formations - mood-boards so to say. This measuring of the picturesque, expressed by often long lasting travel, marks the beginning ot the attempt to capture impresions on landscape through simple optical devices as the camera obscura, or by the use of color filters as the Claude-glasses. At the same time the Grand Tour stands for the longing an atmosphere of the voyage itself.
With their third short film Tour Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller round a row or work dealing with the generating of a modern view, that is directed by mechanical / optical devices. [...] The text level of Tour is based on fragments of William Gilpins 1798 essay Observations on the western parts of England, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty, to which are added, a few remarks on the picturesque beauties of the Isle of Wight.
Tour is a kind of pre-modern Road Movie, wherein the carried-along apparatuses - as applied on to the car at a later date - define the experiences of the traveler.


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