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In his text 100 Percent Cinema, Close Up, (1928) Frederick Kiesler describes his vision: ''The first radical step towards the creation of an ideal cinema is the abolition of the proscenium and all other stage platforms' resemblance to the theatre. The scree-o-scope takes the place of these theatrical elements and supplies a new method of opening the screen. The interior of the theater must focalize to the screen compelling unbroken attention on the spectator.''
The Film Guild Cinema New York opened in 1929 and was closed and destroyed in 1991. A simple setting serves us as a model of possible action to follow the visual quality of Kiesler’s original. Abstract formations are continuously set up and deconstructed triggering a constant re-evaluation of form. The screen-o-scope visualises and translates the usually hidden cinematographic techniques, the opening and closing blinds of the round objective and merges the apparatus of recording, projection and the screen. The screen turns into a vision machine looking back at the viewers. Thus the passive spectator is activated to engage in an intersubjective dialogue around fundamental cinematographic questions.

(Krüger & Pardeller)

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