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Jigsaw-puzzles were produced from exemplary photographs I took in Amman’s urban space. I filmed myself while assembling these puzzles. A process of documentation, a space of memories, a visual language translate these pictures into a lively and narrative landscape: The assembling was a reprocessing, remembering and a reflection on urban structure and my ways through it, an explanation of my disorientation, a reconstruction of a place, difficult to understand in its complexity. I revisited Amman within my own images, explaining myself a place and time through this process of assembling, of remembering and finally writing.

The resulting video is a slow loop, in which a person recomposes the picture and experience of a city — to never finish and to always begin anew. The images are repetitive, almost meditative. The video is complemented by a voice-over which tells of a city experience and personal memories.

(Maia Gusberti)

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